Reserve Heritage Thanksgiving Turkey Now!

We’re currently raising a limited number of heritage breed turkeys which we hope will all make it to the week before Thanksgiving, when we plan to take them to a USDA local poultry processor. We are growing them organically, which means, among other things, that they are free-range birds here on our small farm. We are NOT, I repeat NOT feeding or otherwise administering any antibiotics to them, and we will NOT be force feeding them or injecting any juice of flavoring products. These are heritage birds= not conventional hybrids developed to grow fast ad pack on the breast meat. This means is that your bird will be smaller (9 to 13 lbs) than those you usually find in the grocery store. These birds will be leaner, and they will probably cook a little drier than conventional birds. But what they lack in size they will make up for in flavor, and you can feel good about serving a humanely raised traditional bird to your guests. Read more about heritage breed turkeys here.

At the moment we have 20 birds on site, of which ten are spoken for. Because a 100% turkey poultry survival rate is very rare (for lots of reasons, including predators), we cannot guarantee availability, and we are not taking deposits at this time. We recommend that you indicate your interest, however, by signing up on our reservation list (below). Processed Turkeys will be frozen, and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We will let you know when your turkey will be and ready for pick up at Grace Farm Studios. As always, thanks for buying local from a small family farm!

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