Welcome to Grace Farm Market Garden (by Grace Farm Studios)

We’re proud to be amongst tens of thousands of viable small “no dig” farms worldwide. “No dig market gardens” a form of regenerative agriculture, are good for the soil, good for vegetables, good for livestock, and good for people!. Come visit us to see what you can do in your own residential garden or homestead. Meanwhile, check out Richard Perkins’ video (above) about no dig market gardens around the world- we’re featured at 3:05.  Grace Farm Studios has been growing organically — with conservation in mind == on three acres in Woodstock, Illinois since 2003.  We started as a (primarily) raspberry and native0 small fruit grower in 2003.  We sold organically grown raspberries, asparagus, and icelandic wool at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market, Elgin Harvest Market, and directly from our farm.  In the fall we have offered furniture made from local hardwoods and artwork made on the farm from things we grow or produce.  Our fresh, small-batch berry preserves have become quite popular, especially during Autumn Drive.  And we’ve enjoyed hosting many visitors and presenting workshops and giving tours of our farming practices and other related topics.

So now we are proud to  offer fresh, organically grown vegetables using no-dig, intensive market garden strategies.  We still hope to offer the same high quality fruits and other non-food goods you’ve come to expect. So stop by on Saturdays 9–1pm to see what’s new on the farm! Sign up for a tour or a workshop!